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The Parenting Plan

Helping you plan a brighter future


When parents seperate, emotions often run high.

Whatever your feelings, it is really important to put your children's needs first and avoid them being caught up in conflicts and arguments.


The free 44 page PDF guide available here - thanks to Cafcass & published by the Department for children, schools and families will guide you through the process of how a parenting plan can help solve the majority of issues in post-divorce relationships involving children.


Here are some frequently asked questions :


Q:Can I use the parenting plan even though I dont have parental responsibility?

A:Yes, knowing your legal rights is important - the document will need to state whether or not as a father you have PR, However using our plan will only make your situation easier especially if you do not have PR on your side.


Q:Who writes the first draft of the plan?

A:Either of you - essentially whoever downloads the plan first - as you'll need to work on it together to eventually make it work for you both it's not important who does the first draft, the finished document will be a joint effort.


Q:Is the document legal?

A:As it stands its a formal agreement between both parents and the significant others involved in the child/childrens life. However it can be made even more formal by involving a family solicitor and the family court. Both make use of such documents should your situation break down and take the more formal route through the legal process.


Q:Will my ex agree to using the parenting plan?

A:The document isn't there to help either of parent win points against the other - it's simply there to make sure both parents do the right thing and keep whats best for your children the priority at all times.


Q:Why is there a charge for the document?

A:There are more complicated and to be fair basic versions of a parenting plan available for free. Our small admin fee of just £2.99 covers our reproduction of the document, used successfully by the creators of this very site - It's our edited version that works so effectively - You are paying the small fee to keep the site working and hosted to get ensure this powerful document is out there & available to as many parents as possible.