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The Parenting Plan

Helping you plan a brighter future


The parenting plan is a formal working agreement document that has one simple aim -

Find the best possible solutions for children involved in marriage and relationship break-downs.


The parenting plan document you are about to download covers off every possible detail and requests specific information to ensure every aspect of your children's future is discussed and taken good care of.


From where your children will reside, to which parent will take care of them and when.

The plan even covers off arrangements for pets, holidays and access with other adults that may be a new part of you're new life.


The plan is there for both mothers and fathers equally - and works with both parents best interests at heart.


We've had huge success with seperated fathers making good use of the plan to gain better and more regular access with their children.


The plan has 10 sections, each with sub sections to complete with your own specific details.

The 10 sections you will work through are :


1)About the Child

2)Living Arrangements

3)Staying Contact (Overnight stays)

4)Religious & Cultural Upbringing

5)School Life



8)Other Arrangements

9)Annual Access Planner (Available free above)




The parenting plan is available in Microsoft Word format and is really easy to complete, we've even included tips and hints to assist you in completing the 10 sections.